2016 Grand Finals

In 2016 we were lucky enough to have 4 teams in the Grand Finals

Congratulations to the Under 12s, Under 13s, Under 15s and Under 17s

IMG_2995 (640x480) IMG_2999 (640x480)IMG_3004 (640x480) IMG_3002 (640x480)IMG_2998 (640x480)IMG_2884 (800x600) IMG_2885 (800x600) IMG_2886 (800x600)IMG_2887 (800x600) IMG_2888 (800x600) IMG_2889 (800x600) IMG_2890 (800x600) IMG_2891 (800x600) IMG_2892 (800x600) IMG_2893 (800x600) IMG_2894 (800x600) IMG_2895 (600x800) IMG_2896 (600x800)IMG_2897 (600x800) IMG_2899 (600x800) IMG_2901 (800x600) IMG_2902 (800x600) IMG_2906 (800x600) IMG_2908 (800x600) IMG_2909 (800x600) IMG_2910 (800x600)IMG_2911 (800x600) IMG_2912 (800x600) IMG_2913 (800x600) IMG_2914 (800x600) IMG_2915 (800x600) IMG_2916 (800x600) IMG_2917 (800x600) IMG_2918 (600x800) IMG_2919 (800x600) IMG_2920 (800x600)IMG_2921 (800x600) IMG_2922 (800x600) IMG_2923 (800x600) IMG_2924 (800x600) IMG_2925 (600x800) IMG_2926 (800x600) IMG_2927 (600x800) IMG_2929 (800x600) IMG_2930 (800x600)IMG_2931 (800x600) IMG_2932 (800x600) IMG_2933 (800x600) IMG_2934 (800x600) IMG_2935 (600x800) IMG_2936 (800x600) IMG_2937 (800x600) IMG_2938 (600x800) IMG_2942 (600x800)IMG_2944 (800x600) IMG_2945 (800x600) IMG_2946 (800x600) IMG_2948 (600x800) IMG_2951 (600x800) IMG_2953 (600x800) IMG_2954 (600x800) IMG_2955 (800x600) IMG_2956 (800x600) IMG_2959 (800x600)
IMG_2962 (600x800)
IMG_2964 (800x600)IMG_2967 (600x800) IMG_2969 (600x800) IMG_2971 (600x800) IMG_2973 (600x800) IMG_2987 (600x800) IMG_2988 (600x800) IMG_2989 (800x600) IMG_2990 (800x600) IMG_2991 (600x800) IMG_2993 (600x800)IMG_3005 (640x480) IMG_3006 (640x480) IMG_3007 (640x480) IMG_3008 (480x640) IMG_3009 (480x640) IMG_3010 (640x480) IMG_3011 (640x480) IMG_3012 (640x480) IMG_3013 (640x480) IMG_3014 (640x480) IMG_3015 (480x640) IMG_3016 (480x640) IMG_3017 (480x640)