Return to Small Outdoor Group Training Protocols

As you would be aware, the Victorian Government amended the stage 3 COVID-19 restrictions to allow sporting clubs to resume training based on a set of restrictions. Since this announcement Pakenham Junior Football Club has been working closely with AFL South East to implement a Return to Small Outdoor Group Training Protocols.

The health and well-being of our members is the number one priority for both our club and AFL South East, and your engagement in creating a healthy and safe environment is a vitally important aspect of this journey. As such, a crucial part of this implementation is that all members read and fully understand the protocols, which provide the guidelines for compliant training sessions to resume from Monday, May 25. Please note that while the Victorian Govt has increase community training to 20, we do not have approval from the AFL yet, so  training will be in groups of 10 until we are advised otherwise.

Samanatha Paul (committee member) is the nominated COVID Safety Officer at PLJFC and is your contact point for any COVID related issues or questions. She can be contacted at

Please take the time to read and thoroughly understand the protocols below:

Return to Small Outdoor Group Training Protocols:

  1. Coaches & Teams are to strictly adhere to the maximum of 10 participants per group (not including a coach or the minimum number of support staff who are reasonably required to manage the activity), as per the current Victorian Government restrictions.
  2. Groups of 10 must not mix with each other and must remain distant, with participants not allowed to swap between groups. If there are more than 20 children per team, the over flow are able to complete training off of the oval eg, a grassed area away from the oval.
  3. Strictly no physical contact between players can occur (i.e. no tackling, no bumping, no marking contests).
  4. Social distancing of 1.5m must be maintained at all times by players, coaches, volunteers and parents.
  5. There is strictly no access to club rooms, changerooms or wet areas, other than the public toilets located near the playground. Access to pavilion will be permitted for the purpose of one person obtaining equipment, immediately following which the rooms must be locked.
  6. Footballs can be used for small outdoor group training, however only limited additional equipment is permitted to be used during training (i.e. field marking cones are permitted).
  7. PJFC require all members who undertake an officials role within the club to complete the COVID-19 infection control training prior to the return of training and the certificate of completion emailed to before any group training can occur.

  1. A log of all participants in attendance at each training session MUST be completed before the commencement of every training session for contact tracing purposes. These must be available upon request from the Covid-19 Compliance Officer. These will be provided to your Coaches/Team Managers in a folder.
  2. Children and adults are NOT to attend training under any circumstances if they are in any way unwell. Coaches are to keep a note of those not in attendance for this reason.
  3. The Return to Small Outdoor Group Training hygiene protocols outlined in this document are to be strictly adhered to at all times, with no exceptions.

What will small outdoor group training look like?

  1. Teams will be divided into 2 groups of 10 (excluding coaches and support staff) and must not mix with each other and must remain distant, with participants not allowed to swap between groups across training sessions. (ie the group that trains together, trains together each week)
  2. Training activities must be non-contact (e.g. no tackling, no bumping, no marking contests).
  3. If pair/group work is required, pairs must be consistent across each training session.
  4. Specific group activity footballs can be used, but must be wiped down/sanitised after each session.
  5. Any necessary meetings to occur remotely using video technology.
  6. Parents or caregivers for junior participants must remain outside the boundary line and observe social distancing. We require junior players to have a maximum of 1 parent/caregiver present at training.


  1. Children and adults are NOT to attend training under any circumstances if they are in any way unwell. Coaches are to keep a note of those not in attendance for this reason. Please refer to the Exposure notification section for further details
  2. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers will be available for all team training sessions, with players encouraged to use prior, during and following training.
  3. There is strictly to be no sharing of personal items such as water bottles, food or towels. Personal items need to be easily distinguishable, labelled and kept separate.
  4. Players and coaches must not spit or clear nasal passages at small outdoor group training.
  5. No high fives, handshakes, or other physical contact.
  6. Change rooms, club rooms and wet areas are not to be utilised for small outdoor group training (i.e. players arrive at venue in football gear and must shower at home).
  7. Club provided footballs must be wiped with antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after small outdoor group training sessions.
  8. Players are to be responsible for their own strapping (if required.)
  9. No player massages.

Further information:

Please refer to the full Protocols here

We would like to remind members that it is their choice whether they wish to train, noting that even with adherence to protocols there is some increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 (compared to staying at home), which for some people if contracted, has serious health consequences.

We’d also like to stress that if a player, official or volunteer has had a potential exposure to COVID-19 that meets one of the exposure scenario’s listed here, they must advise their coach and Samantha Paul at as soon possible after exposure.

If you have any questions please email