Team Managers

To assist Team Mangers we have put together some instruction documents and links to videos from the South East Juniors website

Match Day Requirements

  • Two team sheets are required each week
  • Team sheets are printed from the Fox Sporting Pulse Footy Web website
  • Players are required to sign the sheet in the signature field prior to taking the field.
  • Players that do not play are to have DNP recorded in the signature field next to their name
  • Team Managers are required to give the original team sheet to the field umpire at half time (U11 –U17 & Youth Girls)
  • Team Managers are required to give the original team sheet to the Match Manager at half time (U8, U9 & U10)
  • The second copy is retained by the club
  • At the completion of the match the away team manager is to lodge with the home team manager the goal umpire’s score card (unless league umpires are supplied)
  • The home team manager will then put all the goal umpire cards (not applicable for U8, U9 and U10) into the Match Day envelope located in the umpires room and sign the back of the Match Day envelope.
  • Goal Umpire Cards ARE NOT REQUIRED for U8, U9 and U10. Goal Umpires are only required to wave the flags.
  • Team Managers are required to keep the score for the U8, U9, U10 age groups.

Team Manager Setup & Registration check list

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Team Officials Role Desrciptions

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